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Seixal, the village

Seixal in Madeira  Agricultural Parish in Seixal Madeira Agricultural Parish in Madeira Island Chão da Ribeira agriculture in Madeira Countryside  Chão da Ribeira agriculture in Madeira

Seixal is a small village of about 1200 inhabitants. People first settled here in the middle of the 16th century, and a small agricultural parish started to grow. People were living of what they could grow in the rich soles of Chão da Ribiera and in the village itself. Even today most of the people in Seixal have their grounds where they can harvest vegetables, potatoes, fruits like pawpaw, mango and figs, and the most important: grapes for the Madeira wine. The village is half way from São Vicente to Porto Moniz, and being only 40 minutes drive from Funchal, the island’s capital, nowadays many people have their work in Funchal, penduling back and forth every day.

grapes for Madeira Wine Seixal rich in water on the North Coast of Madeira São Vicente, Madeira Island Porto Moniz, Madeira Casa das Videiras in the Eastern Part of the Village Seixal, Madeira

Casa das Videiras is in the eastern part of the village. Here you will find the new natural pool, next to Clube Naval of Seixal. Near this pool you can also find a bar and servings during daytime, and even sometimes at night during the weekends. Next to the pool is the harbour with its sandy beach. The sand is black, and do not hesitate to swim from here.

The natural pool just below then house, Seixal Madeira Clube Naval do Seixal Madeira The Harbour with its sandy beach

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